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Drupal vs Wordpress: Why Drupal has Upper Hand?

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Drupal vs Wordpress

Drupal along with its rival WordPress has a larger community and fan base. A huge number of plugins, modules, themes, and lots of ready made solutions make both the CMS most used platform in the world.

In fact, the debate over Drupal vs Wordpress is a hot topic among developers and businesses.

Each of them has its own sets of pros and cons some of them are described below.

  • Wordpress was originally built for creating a blog, so WordPress is tended to be used for adding and editing content. Whereas Drupal is more flexible and fully customized to suit the specific need of any user.
  • Wordpress used a simplified “what you see it what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor while Drupal 8 gives more freedom with CK editor which provides the possibility to expand its functionalities by installing or writing new plugins.
  • WordPress has a simple API which makes it easy to use for beginners. While Drupal API is incredibly large and provides a much wider application based on its functions.
  • To create new functionalities in WordPress programmers does not need too much knowledge of CMS. It is enough to have an understanding of how it works. And knowledge HTML/ CSS/PHP. But that is not in the case of Drupal.

Drupal needs an experienced developer. If the code is written poorly there are lots of bugs come out as which makes the website’s performance bad.

  • Technologies used in Wordpress remain the same from version to version. Drupal 8 is created on a symphony 2 framework, that provides bot high performance while expanding the consistency for high load websites.

The above-mentioned difference is just a brief overview of the advantage of Drupal as compared to Wordpress.

Though Drupal is not an easy CMS to handle but once mastered it is the best. Government organizations and schools prefer to develop their site in Drupal. So if security is concerned, Go for Drupal. And for bloggers WordPress is best.

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